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English Pronunciation

Details: Learn English Online - English Pronunciation - The Letter A. You should recognise this letter: it's the letter 'A', the first letter of the English alphabet, so, if you've learnt your ABCs then it should be very familiar to you, if not, you might want to skip this video.

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Learn the English Alphabet

Details: Letter How to form the letters Letter name; A: Capital A: Draw an angled vertical line facing right: /.Draw another angled vertical line facing left: \, both lines should touch at the top: /\.Draw a horizontal line in the middle of the two lines -

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Learn English Grammar Online

Details: Learn English Grammar Online . The verb "To do" To do or not to do (I know that isn't the question, but maybe it should be. To do is one of the most common verbs in English. It can be used as an auxiliary and a main verb. It is often used in questions. Singular=1: Plural=1+ I: do: You: do: You: do: We: do: He/she/it: does: They : do: Uses.

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Songs for learning English

Details: This is of course done to annoy me, but has the opposite effect of amusing me no end, because suddenly I've got other things to buy:-I'll 'ave [have] two scotch eggs and a jar of Marmite. Two scotch eggs and a jar of Marmite. Two scotch eggs and a jar of Marmite. What sandwiches have you got? Well now you become quite irate

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Learn the English Forum Archives

Details: Training is only ever singular, to make it plural you have to add another word. For example:-He has had a lot of training. He has been on a lot of training courses. Do you carry out 360 degree appraisals - now they are fun! LynneThe Learn English Network----- Hi, Antonio! I wish you luck whith your English exem at the end of the week.

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A short story about colours

Details: Learn English Online - Stories for learning English. The Colour of Friendship. Once upon a time, The colours of the world Started to quarrel.

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